The Fairy Problem

By Rebecca Knight

Princess Jocelyn was tired of reading. She put down her book and slumped in her seat, staring grumpily at the cold stone walls of her room.

Jocelyn was like most princesses. She had a room full of lovely dolls and dresses and a beautiful view from her tower window over lush gardens and a clear, babbling stream, but none of it made her happy, especially not today. She was bored, and there was nothing worse in all the world, as far as she was concerned.

She needed something to distract her, so she skipped out of her room to see what was happening in the palace kitchens. Maybe she could steal some cookies if nothing else.

The cook, Helga, a large, red-faced woman, was flailing around wildly, trying to smack a tittering green fairy with her spoon. Other fairies, giggling shrilly, were making mischief on the table, treading in the butter and writing naughty words with the spoon in the sugar bowl.

Jocelyn hand whizzed through the air and connected with a fairy. It screeched and wobbled through the air.

If there was one thing she couldn’t stand more than being bored, it was horrible, prying, laughing fairies. Unfortunately, it was the beginning of Spring in the kingdom, and that meant one thing. It was Fairy Season.

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