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Shannon and Ally in May

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

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The month of May means Mother’s Day to Shannon and Ally in Ottawa.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” they both yelled to their mother.

Shannon and Ally made pretty cards with pictures they had coloured themselves. That made Mommy very happy.

Daddy went out to Tim Hortons and brought her home a coffee and bagel so she could have breakfast in bed. Of course she gave some to Shannon and Ally too!

“We like Mother’s Day!” smiled Shannon. “Yum!” said Ally.

The month of May also meant that pretty flowers were blooming everywhere, even on the tree outside their house. The crab apple tree was all pink, their favourite colour!

“We love pink!” said Ally, wearing a purple shirt.

“Everybody loves pink,” said Shannon. “Pink is for girls!”

The girls were in for another treat today. They were going to the cabin in Renfrew to visit their grandparents Pat and Bill.

“Can we take Becca?” asked Ally.

Becca was their Golden Retriever and everyone loved her very much. Becca was already wagging her tail at the door.

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