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A Child to Love

Timothy Paterson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Timothy Paterson

Doug and Amy left the doctor’s office feeling emotionally drained. This was the third specialist that they had been to, and the third specialist who had uttered those dreaded words- not only was it impossible for Amy to get pregnant, but her body could not handle the stress of a pregnancy. They kept getting their hopes up, only to see them destroyed again.

Both of them blamed themselves for their inability to have a baby. Doug blamed himself, because he had put his career ahead of starting a family. He and Amy had met in college almost twenty years earlier. Doug was Pre-Law at Harvard University, and Amy was working towards a degree in Elementary Education. They became engaged shortly after graduation.

Doug was accepted to Harvard Law School and Amy was hired to teach second grade at an elementary school in Boston. They got married two years later. Doug and Amy had agreed to put off starting a family until after law school and after Doug was established as a lawyer.

After graduation, Doug was hired by a prestigious law firm in Boston. He worked hard to climb his way up in the firm, working long hours, including nights and weekends. On some days, he was so exhausted, that he did not remember how he got home or falling asleep in their bed.

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