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Winning Acclaim

The impact of watching this personal transformation of her spiritual journey is a powerful and inspirational one for the reader. One realizes that her story is not so unlike many other people – except that she made choices in her life that brought great changes after finding her guru. The book shows that this evolutional process that leads us all to personal redemption and self-realization is just a matter of having a renewed spiritual focus, the right kinds of spiritual techniques (Kriya Yoga) and a loving teacher (guru)… I fully recommend this book which is soon to become a spiritual classic.

W. H. McDonald, Jr. – Founder, American Author’s Association

Jyotii reveals her self and her life with so much honesty that any reader can connect to it… This book is an exciting read for anyone who wants to know how faith, acceptance and compassion can transform an ordinary woman into first an extraordinary seeker, then disciple and finally a teacher.

Megha Bajaj, Life Positive

The book’s title and the blurb on its back remind one of such books on spiritualism as Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and Dr. Paul Brunton’s A Search in Secret India... Nirvana may not come cheap ’n’ easy, but read this book for what it really is – the saga of a tortured but resilient soul’s successful bid for solace, courtesy her preceptor.

Amar Nath Wadehra, The Tribune

A stark spiritual autobiography of a woman’s search for freedom, light and a path, an honest and thrilling spiritual adventure.”

– SimpliCity, Indian Express

“Beautifully written, engrossing, honest, sensitive, it flows so smoothly. Unputdownable!”

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