Jesus of Vancouver: The Left Coast Memoirs

Michael Goodliffe

Copyright Michael Goodliffe 2012


This is not a religious story. It is not the story of a particular man or a specific woman. It is not another coming-of-age story, although characters within the story do come of age, sometimes against their will. This story is not meant to amuse you, although it certainly may. It is not meant to enlighten you to a higher level of consciousness, although it likely will. It is also entirely probable this story will scare you, as it absolutely should. If you have lived in the places traveled within the story, it is meant to bring back memories that invoke emotions and circumstance long forgotten –some of those left behind for good reason. It is not the author’s story. It is the history of the people within it –the remembered and the forgotten; the latter being the most deserved of its telling.

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