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Nothing Like Love

a short story

Copyright (C) 2012 George Berger

All Rights Reserved

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Electronically published by Smashwords

Cover art by Imobagg Designs

Hey, Margaret?”

He said no!

Margaret glared sullenly at her helpless, congealing lunch, lost in thought. She had planned the whole thing for almost two months, filling a notebook with an array of meticulous details more befitting a military invasion than a date. She’d practiced what she was going to say, she’d rehearsed everything that was supposed to happen, she’d done copious amounts of research; she’d prepared, in short, for every imaginable contingency, save one.

He said no!

She was angry, she was outraged, and she vowed furiously to never again speak to nor even think of that gangly and awkward John McDrury, because it was far easier to hate his guts for turning her down than to admit that Margaret herself might be to blame for waiting until February 13th to ask him out on a date on the 14th.

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