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PRAISE for Jess C Scott

“. . .erotic without being pornographic, emotional without being sappy, spiritual without being preachy…just enjoyable reading. Kudos to Jess C Scott.”

Paul G. / Amazon review (unsolicited), July 2010

* * *

“The main character, Caitlin [in The Devilin Fey], is awesome. You really feel for her at the beginning of the story—how many ladies have been in that situation? You feel all the things that Caitlin feels and it really gets you involved in the story. . .”

Ashley @ Back of the Book Reviews, 2011

* * *

“Just read Real Love Versus Romance...loved the ideas & compilation of ideas...great!! :) i agreed with many of the points of how romance has been commercialized for effect instead of portraying the actual depth of true romance...i roll my eyes at what is considered “love stories” nowadays...even being a guy (haha), i can appreciate a story that portrays real love & shows depth in what romance is (means)....a lot has been lost to appease a tween generation or to generally confuse people of all ages on the expectations of romance...”

P.H. / Chesapeake, OH, April 2012

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