Cover Art Copyright 2012 Vincent De Noux

A Few Pieces

Debra Gray De Noux & O’Neil De Noux

Copyright 2012 O’Neil De Noux

Smashwords Edition

Harry Roberts had seen a lot of bodies in two years of Homicide, but nothing like this. The victim, lying on her back on the sidewalk along busy City Park Avenue, was missing a few pieces. Harry loosened his tie and wiped the sweat from his brow. The thick humidity of another sweltering summer night pressed against his face. His curly auburn hair was already damp. Sweat crawled down the sides of his face. Even after midnight, it was still steamy in New Orleans. Then again, it was August.

Looking at the body, Harry felt a tingling along his spine. It took all his strength to keep his excitement from showing. He moved around the roly-poly crime lab technician, a black officer with a large camera dangling from a strap around his neck. The technician panted like an overworked dog, stank of perspiration. Harry stepped forward for a closer look at the body.

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