Sweet like spoonfuls of sugar in each bite,

The juices as cold as the new morning,

Like biting into a fresh summer day

I taste the wondrous bounties of nature.

The smell of your clean peel,

Visions of days past run through my head,

Reliving all the good times,

I see and cherish the cheerful moments.

Average to site and touch,

Yet your peel peels and perfectly pictured you pose.

As orange as the mid-morn sunrise,

Brighter than the Northern star,

You make the gray

Seem only a puddle on the sidewalk.

Taking the first bite,

My tongue enticed,

My mouth watering,

Drowning in the sea

Spilled from the bite,

Such enticing nectar.

The flavor peaks

And I am being consumed

By the tangy waters.

So serene,

So soothing,

The flavor hangs pleasantly in my mouth.

If only ever moment was as fresh,

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