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Last Confession


Michael J. McDonald

Smashwords Edition

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Published by Michael J. McDonald at Smashwords

Cover Photograph by Krijn Jonckheere (vtm @ stock.xchng)


Copyright 2012 by Michael J. McDonald

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.”

“A lot of people have been saying that to me today.”

A pause. “It has been seventeen hours since my last confession.”

No sense of humour, but Father Adams put that behind him for the moment. It's not as if it were unusual. Sometimes he felt he was listening to mere robots, unable to deal with an interruption in the program. However, this was... unusual. This penitent had chosen to keep the screen closed, though it was a simple brass lattice. One could easily peer through if one wished, it was there more for tradition than anything else. Father Adams kept his head bowed. Whoever this was, he did not need to know, but the young voice and shabby trainers poking through the gap at the bottom of the stall told him that it was a man, a boy really, somewhere in his late teens. Teenagers did not go to confession twice in twenty four hours.

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