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Welcome to Journey to Creativity: Exploring Your Writing Through Your Senses.

Enjoy your journey to creativity.

You do not have to be a professional writer to take pen to paper. Writing is an activity anyone can do at any time.

We carry our writer’s toolkit with us at all times. Our own bodies are living, breathing founts of creativity.

Suffering from writers block? Can’t come up with a line to start your story? By using your senses inspiration is as close as your nose, your eyes, or your ears.

Walk into any flower shop and you are surrounded by colors, scents and textures. The silkiness of a rose petal, the rough edge of an aloe plant, the prickliness of cactus can start you on a creative adventure.

Do some people-watching. Observe how people move, the clothes they wear, and the sound of their voices. You can create a story from just one interaction on a street corner.

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