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by: Sassha Gonzalez

Published by Audra Bagdziunas at Smash Words

Copyright 2012 Sassha Gonzalez

All Rights Reserved

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I dedicate this story to my friend, Simba.

I never got to say goodbye to you, so this is the only way I could think of.

Goodbye, Simba. I love you and don't forget to save me a slice of Boar's

Head ham in heaven.

I sit on the floor watching the daughter walk across the kitchen into the white box that contains food. She is really tall. Has skin the color of a deer. A creamy brown, but light like the bark of birch trees. I look up at her and nudge her gently. She looks down to me and smiles. I can smell it. The meat. It smells so delicious. So sweet. She closes a part of the white box and sits on the floor in front of me. She seems to remove white skin from the meat. I sniff it but she pushes me away speaking her strange language.

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