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Linda’s New Friend

Mark Moore

Copyright 2012 by Mark Moore

Smashwords Edition

Becoming a Hero


Linda’s New Friend

Written By

Mark Moore

Linda Lancer was not a normal girl.

Her parents never told her that, but she felt it. Even as a baby, she was strong enough to walk, and her strength grew as she matured. She could lift her mother’s car above her head when she was nine years old. Due to her incredible strength, her parents didn’t allow her to play any sports at school.

Not that she cared.

Linda Lancer was not sociable. She didn’t participate in any after-school activities. She didn’t even have any real friends. She had acquaintances at school: her teachers and some students that she talked to on occasion. She didn’t go out, except for school, church, and shopping with her mom. She didn’t date.

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