Growing Pains: Betrayal

John D

Copyright John D 2012

Smashwords Edition

Credits and License

Codes: MF, cheat, Mf, prost, bdsm, oral, preg

Copyright © John D 2012

John D has asserted his right to be identified as the author of this work in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998.

This piece of work is fiction and is adult entertainment, and therefore contains material of an adult, explicit nature. If you are under the age required to view this legally in your jurisdiction, or are easily offended by sexual explicit content or language do not continue reading.

The characters in this story are fictitious and any similarity to any persons, alive or dead, places or situations is purely coincidental. The actions described in this story are not endorsed or condoned by the author.

It should be noted that the age of consent in the UK is sixteen and therefore there are no graphic descriptions of any sex act containing characters younger than this age. There may be some characters under the age of sixteen in the book, some of whom may be sexually active, but any sexual activities they may partake in are not described so there are no underage participants in my graphic and erotic sex scenes. It is on this basis, that this work is released, and if you seek this material then please look elsewhere.

This work is released under the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC), the full text of which can be obtained from the Creative Commons website. The story may be freely distributed unmodified and with the preface and these credits attached. The story may not reproduced for commercial purposes, or for profit, without explicit permission from the author.

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