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Extra Credit

Copyright 2012


Latron M

Smashwords Edition


Lester Collins looked down at the test that the professor has just passed back, and let out an audible sigh. At the top, right by his name was the highest grade he had received on an exam in the course, American History, a D+. This was the only course that he had ever had difficulty in, and he wasn’t quite sure what it was, the material wasn’t very hard. In fact this should have been an easy A for him, and yet he knew that it would take a miracle for him to pass the class, let alone leave his record of perfection intact.

His instructor, Mary Carpenter was beauty personified. Her jet black hair framed her oval face, her lips were pouty and sensuous, and most of the guys wish they could make a move on their instructor. She licked her lips seductively, “It’s been a great semester with you guys. Grades should be posted within the next few days,”

As his classmates scrapped their chairs across the floor, all in a hurry to get out, Lester took a deep breath. If he didn’t ask for help now, there would be no turning back for him; it would be him accepting the failing grade. He steadied his hands, the shaking was out of control but he chalked up the nervousness to this being the first time he had been alone with his beautiful professor. He checked to make sure there were no stragglers, when he found that the coast was clear, he made his way to the front of the room. “Umm Mrs. Carpenter?”

She smiled at him, and his knees went weak. “Please call me Mary. There is no need to be formal in class or after hours. What can I help you with?”

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