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Hospital Story

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2012 Earnest Long

Smashwords Edition

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Chapter 1, Parkland

I went for a change down another road in the 'park' to the one I usually chose. It was leafy, unlike the normal circuit that went around the hospital. However, in places, the road was deteriorating to do with the hospital closing soon. Of the most interest I noted, was how the flowers grew. There were all kinds of flowers in the beds. I had watched them growing from when they were buds to now when they were in bloom. The day was bright and beautiful. If beauty is found anywhere in a mental hospital, then the grounds are splendid. However, patients getting well and going back to the community is the purpose of hospital. The day rolled along at a slow pace whilst elsewhere, the world moved faster perhaps. I had time to take in the park on this summer's day. And I reflected on what possibilities existed for me that I might not have had a few years ago. Some nursing assistants were fond of telling me how lucky I was. A nurse told me when I said that I worried that to give to anyone or anything you only have to take the treatment on offer to you.

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