The Ascorbate Papers : 1950-1959
Vitamin C in 20th Century Medicine
Volume III

A compendium of selected 20th-Century original medical & scientific literature on the clinical use of Ascorbate (Ascorbic Acid, Cevitamic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate etc. a.k.a. “Vitamin C”) in the treatment and prevention of illness and disease.

By Alexander S. Templeton

Copyright 2012 Alexander S. Templeton

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Table of Contents


Antirheumatic Activity of Ascorbic Acid in Large Doses
Massell, April 1950

Vitamin C in the Prophylaxis and Therapy of Infectious Diseases
McCormick, January 1951

Massive Doses of Vitamin C and the Virus Diseases
Klenner, April 1951

Ascorbic Acid in the Treatment of Burns
Klasson, October 1951

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