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Jill and Marcie dressed and headed for the woods. The closer they got to the woods they could hear a sound getting louder and louder. Jill shivered as she approached the woods.

“What is that eerie sound?” Marcie asked.

“I don’t know, but it is coming from over there,” Jill gasped. Then she pointed deep into the woods.

A few hundred yards into the woods, they saw what was making the noise. It was a large metal egg shaped object on three legs. It had red, blue and green lights flashing all over it.

“I don’t know what it is, but I am going to find out. You stay here,” Jill told Marcie.

“Don’t go near it! You don’t know what it is.” Marcie stammered.

It was too late; Jill had already crept up along side of the egg shaped object. The lights were bright and they made her feel good inside. Closer and closer she moved towards the egg shaped object, until she was about a foot away, then she reached out to touch the object, when all of a sudden the lights started going faster and the noise grew louder. Jill covered her ears, all at once green fog came out of the lights and a door opened. Jill was frightened and jumped back. Steps came out from inside the metal object. The light from inside the craft became very bright.

Marcie was screaming “Jill get back over here, hurry!”

At that very moment, old Red who had been chasing the cat came into the woods and started barking and growling. Jill who was frozen with fear, was still sitting on the ground, her eyes glued to the door of the metal object.

Down the steps came a tall dark figure, it was eight foot tall. When it found the bottom of the steps, Jill could see it was a giant roach. He had eight legs, but walked on the back two. His big black eyes seemed to be watching her every move. He had what looked like a big fish bowl with two tubes going into the top of a tank on his back.

Jill screamed “run Marcie go tell dad. I will be right behind you”.

Jill got up and started running. She heard footsteps right behind her. She turned to look and to her surprise, the roach was reaching out for her. She tripped on a rock and fell to the ground the roach kept coming.

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