Diana Murdock

Chapter 1

Eryn scrubbed intently at the residue baked on the casserole pan, as if doing so would uncover some sort of hint. Her head ached from the tight knit of her brow, and still she was no closer to an explanation.

For the fourth time that week, the date on her computer was off. Way off. Hell, by like 500 years. January 1501, to be exact. It didn’t matter that she kept changing the computer clock to the right date and virus scans kept coming up empty. January 1501 would be there every time she would turn on the computer.

It was too big a coincidence that the glitch had started the day before the dream. Unlike her other easily forgotten dreams, this one was different. This dream wouldn’t let her forget. It invaded at will, regardless of what she would be doing. It would press against the back door of her mind, pushing until the door gave way.

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