The Night Strangler

Paranormal Mystery



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Dallas Releford at

The Night Strangler

Copyright (C) 2011 Dallas Releford

Originally written as

Spirits of the Fallen

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This book is a work of fiction. References to real people, places, events, organizations, areas, or loca­tions are intended to provide a feeling of au­thenticity and are used in a fictitious manner. All other char­acters, dialogue and incidents are drawn from the author’s imagination and should not be ac­cepted as real.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without explicit permission from the author or publisher except in brief quota­tions used in an article or in a similar way.


Please remember that this is a work of fiction. That means that any resemblance to persons, places, things, events or ideas is not intentional. The State of West Virginia where this story takes place is a beautiful place and the people are friendly, warm and kind. One of the main reasons the story took place in West Virginia is because my wife’s sister and her family live there and I fell in love with the state after only a couple of visits. Not too many writers have written about West Virginia, especially fiction writers. I also write about Kentucky and other states. The deep valleys, hills, mountains and streams were the perfect setting for the Night Strangler. It could have just as well been Kentucky or South Carolina except I liked West Virginia and wanted to write about places I knew about. Also, be warned that some of the towns in this story may not exist except for larger cities like Charleston and South Charleston. I tried not to be too hard on those cities.

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