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Episode 3

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Episode 5

The Pantheon


God of Light. The leader of the pantheon, Lux is a pompous and officious fellow who thinks meetings are a productive use of time. Brother of Acerbus. Father of the rest.

Chosen people: Elves


God of Darkness. Acerbus is ill-tempered and independently-minded, which puts him at odds with the rest of the pantheon. He was selected against his will to become The Smiter, and bring about the end of the world.

Chosen people: Goblins


God of Inclement Weather. Loud and boisterous, even atheists have trouble denying his existence. When the Bird-people attempted to explore outer space, Thundorious thoroughly smited them.

Chosen people: Bird-people


God of Pots of Gold and Other Treasures. As far as O’Plenty is concerned, if you have the choice between dying rich or wasting your money on food, choose the gold. Unless you think you can get richer tomorrow.

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