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Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye

Wayne's Daughter

By Raymond Boyd Dunn

Copyright 2012 Raymond Dunn

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

It was a miserable day, raining and cold. Well, cold for this part of the world - the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We are used to sunshine and balmy weather, but light rain started to fall the previous night, and was continuing right throughout the next day. The temperature must have fallen almost into single figures; Celsius, of course, and there was no sign of the rain letting up. To make matters even worse it was Local Government Election Day, and if you have attained your eighteenth birthday it was compulsory to vote. It was the only reason which would cause me to venture out into it. I'm more than eighteen - in fact, I've seen nearly twice that many summers so far!

My name is Maxwell Marlowe, and I'm a Private Investigator. Marlowe is my real name, and therefore it is only natural that my friends would call me 'Phil' after Raymond Chandler's 'Philip Marlowe, Private Eye'.

I had just finished casting my carefully considered vote, and was exiting the Polling Booth, when I ran into an old mate. When I say 'casting my carefully considered vote', I should explain that there were eight candidates for the vacated chair of the retiring Mayor, and as I didn't have any knowledge of any one of them, except for the political blurb which poured from the pages of the local daily newspaper and every television channel, my 'carefully considered vote' could more properly be likened to pinning the tail on the donkey. I used a similar method for selecting our local Division councillor. It really doesn't matter who gets in; we'll finish up with a politician! I wished I lived in Division 2 where the sitting councillor was unopposed, and there was no need to make a choice, or even Division 12, where only two candidates were vying for a position, and making a selection would involve tossing a coin; heads I vote for him, tails I vote for the other one. Simple, really; you should try it sometime. All you need is a pin and/or a coin, and it takes all the angst out of the chore.

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