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Underground [chapters 44 to end]

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It’s the year 2062. Planet Earth has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Cataclysmic climate change resulting in natural catastrophes on a scale and frequency never before witnessed and a veritable ice age blanketing most of the northern hemisphere has forced the remaining displaced populaces worldwide into massive underground bunkers for their survival.

At the time of this unfolding crisis, with international governments, relief agencies, financial institutions, and even military forces in complete disarray or permanently reduced to tatters, temporary emergency powers were vested in the dozen or so multi-national corporations left standing and who were viewed as the only viable parties with enough resources at their disposal to competently address and tend to mounting civilian needs.

That was fifty years ago, and they’re still in control.

Under the new system, devised in the early days by the ruling Corporate Coalition, there’s now no cash, no debit, no credit, no charge for anything—the bunker masses are required instead to labor in exchange for their food, clothing, shelter, medicine, internet access and, most importantly, protection.

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