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Used for Charity

By Bob Bemaeker

Copyright Bob Bemaeker 2012

Smashwords Edition

"Bobby! I'm over here!" I yelled as I jumped up waving my hands wildly, trying to get my husband's attention. It was useless; he couldn't hear me over the noise of the crowd.

Bobby and I have been married for a little over a year now and we are currently trying to have our first child. I was currently at the point in my cycle in which I was most likely to conceive and as such I was horny. I wanted to get his attention and slip away from the fair for a quick “attempt,” if you know what I mean.

Today, I am volunteering at the local town fair, raising money to donate for breast cancer research with my friends Jamie and Laura. Jamie, whom was kind of a slut, had organized the entire event. She had gotten Laura and I involved because we'd been friends since high school and have both lost someone close to us because of breast cancer. Jamie said she had a plan to make the most money for our cause and we all decided to help.

In high school, Jamie had always been the one to get us into trouble. She was kind of “loose” and had the tendency to get us into her sticky situations. She'd drag us to college parties, get us drinking, and encourage us to make bad decisions with all the fat guys.

Almost ten years later, my life has calmed down quite a bit. A Happy marriage and a full time job takes up most of my time. Since my friends moved away, I only get to see Jamie and Laura a few times a year when they visit. Laura works as a news editor in Chicago. Jamie, I hadn't heard from lately but I'm sure she's still causing trouble.

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