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The sky was streaked pink, chasing the purple away. Some people thought Cameron was crazy to get up so early just to catch some waves, but he was a solitary soul anyway, preferred his own company. Other surfers on the beach irked him. Of course, it hadn’t always been that way. Once upon a time he would have surfed with Jay by his side. Until he threw Jay away of course.

He scowled in memory, pulling the wetsuit over his shoulders, zipping up, leaning into the car to pull his board free. Just because he’d come home to Echo Cove on vacation for the first time in three years, now was not the time to start reliving memories best left forgotten. He’d made his choice. College in New York or Jay. Jay had come a poor second, their summer fling over.

In quiet moments of introspection, Cameron still regretted it.

He slammed the trunk shut, failing to force his thoughts away. Jay was the reason he hadn’t visited his folks in three years. Too scared to face his ex and see what he’d done to him and how Jay must hate him. This time he manned up though. He couldn’t stay away from his home forever and who said Jay was even still here?

Their affair had been a secret, both men in the closet but he guessed people talked about them anyway. Cameron cowardly waited until he was safe in New York and then he wrote his mother a letter telling her he was gay.

After her initial shock, she was positive about it, his father not so much but at least they were still on speaking terms. When his mother visited, his father didn’t come with her. Their first meeting the previous evening had been strained, but he didn’t imagine the warmth in his father’s hug. It was still there and he was okay. One hurdle down, one to go. That of bumping into Jay somewhere in town and not going completely to pieces.

Bare foot, he took the steep steps down onto the golden sand and looked across the crashing waves with satisfaction. Yes, it was still as he had imagined. You couldn’t beat the surf on the Californian coast. He was glad to be back.

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