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Book 4 of the Raptor Castle Series



"Elyne. I can run all day." Graemme's words came through a tight jaw, more growled than spoken. "Ye will tire afore I do," he taunted. "In fact, I will stop for the count of five to give ye a better start."

Quickly, she glanced back again. On a boulder, he didn't stand upright but crouched, head slightly forward. Fists on his knees, his fingers clenching and unclenching.

The picture of a wolf ready to spring flashed through her mind.

"By the count of ten, I will have ye in my hands. Ye had best run like ye never ran afore!"

"One!" His voice was soft, silky.

She gasped and leapt forward.


She kept running. When he came to 'Nine', she knew he was right behind her.

Was he going to kill her? Pray God, not. Beat her? She didn't doubt it.

She ran like a rabbit chased by an eagle.



Elyne flew through the air with such speed she believed an eagle had taken her ankles in its talons. The ground quickly receded. Upside down, she rose towards the treetops. She screamed like she'd never screamed afore.

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