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Dead Man's Chest

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Captain Salty Sam and his crew were some of the most feared pirates of the seven seas during the 1500's. Whenever, the Salty Sam's ship the White Pearl was sailing near other ships. If any ship got too close to the White Pearl it was evident they would be fired upon and if any gold was aboard, it would be taken by Salty Sam and his crew. Salty Sam was about to meet his match when Captain Peg Leg's ship The Black Death came inches beside the White Pearl almost scraping its side. This just angered Captain Salty Sam. Salty Sam said, "No one!! I mean No one!! Treads the same waters as the White Pearl, without a fight?" Salty Sam shouted out to his men, "Get the cannons ready and when I give the signal, fire upon that ship, I want it sunk." His men were ready for battle. Salty Sam shouted out to the other ship, "Ahoy! What arrr ye doing in me waters?"

Captain Peg Leg answered," This is what I'm doing," as he laughed and then said to his men" Fire!! His men fired upon the White Pearl and a fierce battle arose, but Captain Peg Leg's The Black Death ship was too strong for Captain Salty Sam's ship the White Pearl. After intense cannon fire the White Pearl surrendered and Captain Peg Leg's men boarded the White Pearl and took all their gold as the ship the White Pearl was slowly sinking into the sea with its Captain and crew members.

Captain Peg Leg said to his men, "That was easy ye mateys." and laughed. Then the ship The Black Death sailed farther out to sea in search of an island to bury the treasure. One of his men yelled out, "Look, Captain there's an island in the distance that ought to be the perfect spot to bury me treasure chest.

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