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The Ghosts of Summerville Plantation

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

The Summerville Plantation was full of joy and happiness until one day when little Billy Edwards was found dead in the attic. Everyone that resides in the Plantation was questioned about poor little Billy Edwards death, but no one seemed too eager to talk about his death.

The grounds keeper claimed there was a ghost in the attic that killed Billy Edwards with an axe.

Billy's father Jim questioned Sam Tucker the grounds keeper about his son's death. Sam insisted a ghost killed his son.

Jim replied, "Sam, What do you mean a ghost killed my son?"

"If you're so hell bent on knowing the truth. I'll tell you how it all began. This story dates as far back as the Civil War. Ben Coates was a dashing Yankee General who was in love with one of the slave women named Lucy at the Summerville Plantation. They knew their love was forbidden and if anyone found out they would both be shot. Well guess what they both were in the attic making passionate love when the owner Jack Bullard of the plantation came in on them and in a jealous rage killed them both with two shots to the head. Jack was in love with his slave Lucy and when he seen the two together he lost control. Then a panic stricken Jack knew he was dead if the Yankee soldiers found their General dead in his attic. So Jack took an axe and gave his slave Lucy and the Yankee General forty whacks then dismembered their bodies with the axe. The bodies were placed underneath the floor boards of the attic. Never to be seen or heard from again. The only reason the Yankee General Soldiers didn't search for him is because Jack put the Yankee General's clothes on another Yankee soldier that was the same height and bore the same resemblance as the dead Yankee General. Jack placed what appeared to be the Yankee General's body at the battle field on his plantation grounds where a battle was under way making it look like he got killed in battle. So the Yankee soldiers buried the wrong man and Jack got away with murder. Jack also said Lucy ran off with another slave which was a lie. Jack Bullard's little murder secret stayed buried in the plantations floor boards in the attic until someone dares to enter the attic only to meet an untimely death just like poor little Billy Edwards did.”

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