Mageborn: The Line of Illeniel

Michael G. Manning

Copyright Michael G. Manning 2011

Published by Gwalchmai Press at Smashwords


I would like to dedicate this book to my father, who was the inspiration for Royce Eldridge. His contribution to my life over the years has been difficult to measure and only now that he is gone do I realize how much I have lost. This one is for you Dad.

Chapter 1

I moved quietly through the darkness, till I reached the door I sought. There was no ambient light, nor did I bring any with me; I preferred mage-sight for this task. Light would only increase the danger. Stretching out with my mind I explored the room beyond the door; my task would be easier if it was empty, but I felt a presence there already. A dangerous aura hovered around the form within, causing me to break out in a sweat as I considered my options. I checked my shield again; making sure the spell covered me fully. Briefly I considered my sword, but I knew it would be useless against this foe.

Carefully I reached for the handle, checking to see if it was locked. It wasn’t, naturally enough… the being within the room was waiting for me. The huntress only locks the cage once her prey is inside. Slowly I eased the door open, hoping for darkness within. My foe needed light to see, while I didn’t; it was perhaps my only advantage.

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