Earth On The Edge Of Forever

By Austin P. Torney

Copyright 2012 Austin P. Torney

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1: Energy in Motion

Like the moon, challenge night and gain the light.

Like the rose, suffer the thorn, gain the fragrance.

Of life, surrender, to live forever,

Enlightened more than a thousand suns.

(mystical saying)

Austin relaxed as Profpat had advised, drinking the rest of the half full glass of wedding wine that he’d snatched off the reception’s porch as he took off in his Corvette, for this part came up missing in the previous story. How do things or people “come up” missing is beyond me, for if they are missing, they should not come up. That glasses are seen as half full is a healthy optimism, although many engineers still wonder why the glass is always twice as large as it needs to be. Same with the near miss of airplanes; might as well be a near hit.

Several other ToeQuestors had been previously taken to safety in the ninja bases, for the protection of the TOE, but their tales remain untold, for now. All the ToeQuestors stayed on for another week or so of education in the bases, for they were avid learners interested in everything, and ‘meta’, and even beyond that, plus, this kept them out of the limelight, an old method of theater lighting that gave off a lot of heat, too.

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