Half of all government agents had been pulled off of the TOE case and put back on the search for Bin Laden, the remaining half now having to keep more eyes and ears open, for ipods had been banned, but then the iphone came out with all the same stuff, plus it was a phone they all had to have; however, the Conspiracy was getting interested in the TOE, but this would only cause them to surface more, and perhaps make some mistakes.

The Conspiracy, who we shall talk about just a little bit here, uses heretofore unknown hi-tech methods to eavesdrop and to protect itself, as well. Nefarious undergoings upon human mental states were reaching levels only hinted at by Hitler’s experiments, and making him look like a pussycat with a mustache. Almost every ninja was on their case, and there was many a success, on lone conspirators, but the overall progress of finding their centers was slow. The Conspirators were all hooked on smoking big cigars for some reason, and so a car with them in it was spotted by a ninja lookout. A quick phone call led another ninja, clad in a light-bending suit, following them on a stealth 30-speed bicycle.

“All clear?” asked a Conspirator, looking back.

“I see nothing. Electronic analysis indicates that no cars tailing us.”

“I heard from one of our government insiders that the secret of the Theory of Everything, the TOE, has been discovered. Maybe we can use it. Take us to our Commander’s house.”

“We can never be seen going there without an appointment.”

“We aren’t being seen, plus there is nothing confidential in there.”

“There is the value of command.”


They entered a high speed highway and so other ninjas on invisible bikes were alerted to pick up the chase somewhere along the way.”

At the Commander’s house, the swift blaze of ninjas from nowhere encircled the Conspirators in a blinding flash of confusion, rendering them all defenseless; however, almost as soon, the Conspirators merely thought a deadly thought that triggered their quick demise, taking all their secrets with them.

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