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Pack Pals in Dominating the Dungeon Master


Annabel Bastione


Copyright © 2012 by Annabel Bastione

* * * * *

"Open up! Open the fuck up!"

The muffled voices of guards shouting themselves hoarse accompanied by the incessant pounding on the door amused Stefan and I as we both leant against it forming a werewolf barricade.

We looked at each other and stifled a giggle. This whole situation was getting too ridiculous. After getting sidetracked with fucking Frankenstein, the worn, heavy medieval door that we were pressing against was the only thing separating us from the (probably) numerous bloodthirsty guards outside.

Shit. We were naked, horny and slightly cold. I was glad to have the presence of mind to gather up our clothes before the guards came to ruin everything.

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