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“Joe Costello’s ambition is astounding. He wants Americans to sit down with this book and rediscover our lost democracy. Where did it go? Costello offers some deeper explanations. How would we recover this tarnished birthright? Costello has smart suggestions. It is an audacious proposition, argued confidently by a true small-d democrat.” – William Greider, Author of Come Home, America: The Rise and Fall (and Redeeming Promise) of Our Country

“Joe Costello is a lifelong student of democracy, the millenia-old, still radical idea of self-government. His deeply original diagnosis of our contemporary woes bears careful scrutiny for its shredding of the illusions that prop up both right and left. It's impossible to think about banking, finance, energy, technology, or politics the same way after reading Of, By, For, so do not delay.” – Mitch Kapor, Partner, Kapor Capital.

“Everyone lucky enough to have a conversation with Joe Costello has walked away fizzing with ideas and possibilities. In these pages, the intellectuall thrills are yours for the taking. You’ll find a personal economics tutorial, history lesson, and civics anthem from a mind as comfortable with Heraclitus as with Blade Runner and OPEC. Joe’s first book is the coming-out party of an important public intellectual.” – Raj Patel, author of The Value of Nothing

“Check your ideology at the door. If you feel our economics and politics are broken, Joe Costello not only explains the ruinous corrosion of both but why, we, as citizens must rethink and rebuild the future on a much more sane foundation.” - Joe Trippi, author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

“America has lost its way. An empire-driven culture of greed and lies has come close to wrecking the republic. Joe Costello sees what has happened with a clarity that will disturb you, but he also sees a way forward that can give you some optimism -- if you're willing to do something about it. His prescription starts with the simple idea that we cannot begin to fix what is broken solely by targeting politicians at the top of the pyramid; the soul of democracy, which is more about participating than simply voting, is in our local communities and neighborhoods.” – Dan Gillmor, author of We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People and Mediactive

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