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By Jay Jana

©2010 JJANA

This first part is just partial sermons, so you could see part of each one when you viewed a sample on Smashwords. If you search for the word “realbook” in the document, it will take you immediately to the beginning of the real book, where the complete sermons start!


A Sermon for Baccalaureate Service

In making their choices for the future, young people need to remember that reality includes more that the things they can hear, see, taste and touch. We live our lives, not just for this world, but with an eye on the world to come. This can and should change the way we live our lives.

How to Grow a Christian- A Sermon for Rally Sunday (the opening of Sunday school)

The purpose of Christian Education is to help us all become like Christ. We don’t do this by imposing rules and regulations on people, but by helping them to see Jesus.

A God Who Cares- Christmas with a gyroscope

(a sermon for the Sunday after Christmas)

God did not just wind up the world, set it spinning and then say, “That was fun! Now, what else can I do?” In the midst of events that we don’t understand, Jesus birth shows us that God was not content just to sit back and watch, but came to join us in our difficulties, that he might eventually bring them to an end.

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