Gay Toy in the Roman Arena

Part One

C.M. Knox

copyright 2012 C.M. Knox. all rights reserved.

smashwords edition

I want to see some Roman times, Sam had said. I want to see the glory of the Empire with my own eyes.

What an idiot.

Once, as a student, Sam had gone backpacking around Europe for the summer. He remembered the attractive mystery of those old Roman ruins; the massive arches, the forests of columns, the beautiful curve of the Colosseum. Even the basic layout of the Appian Hill was something grounded in his own personal memory, a treasured piece of personal history.

Gray-4, the lab's AI emcee, had deposited him inside a memory that was nothing like those happy times.

He'd spent the first few hours in Julius' memories in the back of a cramped wagon, carried through streets of toga-clad men and shrieking hawkers, past squat ugly temples in unfamiliar places and countless numbers of shacks, plebeian shanties and ill-maintained shops.

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