Why Martin Luther King, Jr. Had to Die


Will Barack Hussein Obama Suffer the Same Fate?


J. Jackson Owensby

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Throughout all of history there have been only a few iconic, dynamic individuals who have had the power to sway the entire population and create a societal movement; a popular uprising that could—if left unchecked—sweep over the entire world, displacing tyrants, despots and entrenched rulers. This vibrant and forceful select few had the special ability to relate to the people on a personal—even spiritual—level; the charisma to stir interest and inflame passions with eloquent and brilliant oratory, to create a dream that would cause their followers to face death itself, without fear and without hesitation. Prominent among those great leaders were Buddha, Genghis Khan, Mohammad, Washington, Lincoln, Gandhi, Mao, Lenin, Hitler and Kennedy. The strong influence these leaders were able to execute over the populace could and would have changed the dynamics of the world had they been allowed to come to full fruition. This ability to shift the flow and direction of movement of the world citizenry quickly becomes a threat to the very existence of those in power, those behind the scenes who steer the unwary people along their self-serving purposes. That kind of threat could not be allowed to exist; stopping the movements was paramount no matter how. And quickly. Before the titans of power were toppled. These threats had to be removed. And they were removed. Permanently.

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