In Rapid Succession


Elaine Flowers


eBook Published in 2012 by:

Top Shelf Publishing at Smashwords

Dallas, Texas


Copyright © Elaine Garcia 2008

All rights reserved.


With delicate steps, I move to the oak, double door and softly drag one side open. I take her by the arm pulling her in quickly because Butch has started to bark. Holding the crook of her elbow, I help her cross the threshold and Mrs. Wright’s soft, blond curls are tousled and mussed—it adds to her beauty.

Five light taps in rapid succession on the dinning room window is the sign I listen for every Thursday shortly after midnight. The kids are tucked away quietly in their beds—and her husband is unaware that she has crept next door for a secret sexcapade.

“Hi,” she whispers and looks up at me with a gentle expression. She smelled like lilac and springtime, which undoubtedly will be left on the sheets.

“Hey Baby.” I secure the door, back her up against it and make a trail of moist kisses from her lips down to the crevice between her breasts.

“What time will your wife be home?” Head tilted back for my easy access.

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