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Flight of the Thunder Heart, Smashwords Edition

By Matthew Forbes

Copyright 2010 Matthew Forbes

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Chapter One

Martin and Alan rode casually down Blanca Street, weaving in between the broken yellow passing lines on the road. It was Sunday morning, and the road, like most of the seaside town of Kimberley, was practically deserted. The two chatted with casual ease.

I can’t believe the summer’s almost over, man,” Alan said sadly. He was wearing dirty blue jeans, a pair of worn-out sneakers, and a white tee-shirt that flapped behind him like a surrender-flag as he rode. His muscles worked without strain, pumping the pedals like a machine

Martin, on the other hand, was having trouble keeping up. He was neither strong nor fit, and there were times when he yearned not only to be like Alan, but to actually be him.

Amazingly, at the same time Alan wanted to be Martin, because Martin had what some people like to call “book smarts”. That is, he feasted on information the way some people gobbled down chocolate. He loved to play and have fun, but among the things he loved to do was find things out.

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