Gay Wolf of the Wild Woods

By Pen Penguin

Copyright 2012 Pen Penguin

Smashwords Edition


Eric, a successful and wealthy gentleman in his early 30's, was cruising at low altitudes in his personal aircraft. All of a sudden, things went bad really quickly. The engine started to overheat and fail, fuel was leaking out, propellers were slowing down, radio was jamming and couldn't get a clear signal. Even the steering lever decided right then and there was the most appropriate time to snap off in his hands. Nothing for it but to make an emergency parachute evacuation. Which was exactly what he did.

Watching his plane crash into the trees below, he sighed. Really should've known better than to skimp on the maintenance, or so he thought to himself. Slowly he descended into the woods, coming down in a small clearing. Un-buckling from his parachute, he started making his way towards the wreck. He wasn't sure where he was exactly, but it was definitely far enough away from civilization, that he'd need a rescue chopper to save him.

But as he was stepping into the forest, a small blurry figure darted out of the bushes and leapt at him! Letting out a startled cry, he jumped back and swatted at it. It was a little chipmunk, cute and cuddly if not for the fact that it was gnashing its teeth so viciously. Are chipmunks usually this fearless and aggressive? Maybe he had stepped too close to its home. But when were chipmunks this territorial?

Eric didn't have time to think of much else, as another chipmunk appeared from beneath the bushes. A sinking feeling soon overcame him as more and more chipmunks came into view. It was as if they knew he was alone and vulnerable here. In the city, they would flee with fear from the towering humans that dominated their terrain. But here in the heart of the forest, miles from civilization, they were kings, ruling over the hapless humans that dared to wander in their domain. No wait, that doesn't make any sense at all. But there were a lot of them, and they were definitely targeting him. Was he going to find out how many chipmunks he can fight off with his bare hands? While he wasn't one to normally hurt small woodland critters, it's a different story if they're trying to harm him. But maybe they really were territorial, in which case they should back off if he leaves.

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