Kara, Relocated and Afraid

Copyright © 2012 Rene Lathrop

Smashwords Edition

By Rene Lathrop-Nethercot

Lathrop-Nethercot Publishing

PO box 912 Derby, Ks

This is a work of original fiction. Any correlation with real events or people is coincidental and should be treated as such.

Chapter 1

As I sat in the room with all these girls, these rape survivors, I thought to myself of how lucky they were to have lived through such horrible tragedies in their lives. Their lives were changed so drastically in just a few weeks’ time. These girls were strong and powerful. I was especially drawn to Dawn. To know that someone else had held her life in his hands, and she was able to beat him off was amazing. The meetings empowered me to look at my own life with less terror.

I listened once again as the girls went around the room introducing themselves. This was their third meeting and already they had grown in numbers. More than thirty girls were here now. I busied myself doodling on the notepad in front of me. I brought it as my cover to make them think I was just doing my job as a journalist for the school paper. In actuality, there was so much more.

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