By Allie Sands

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Chapter 1

As usual, Jennifer couldn't concentrate. Bible lectures were always a chore, but today was proving particularly torturous. When she'd first arrived at St Mary's, two years before, she'd been a wayward 16-year old, angry at her parents, who'd sent her here thinking that the only way to tame their daughter's wild nature was for her to learn a little about faith and respect. Jennifer had hated them for it, but she'd soon settled in at the boarding school, not least because of Father John, her pastoral tutor and Bible Master. Jennifer might have walked a treacherous moral path before, but nothing could have prepared her for the sins she felt like committing whenever she was around Father John. All the girls adored him. He was kind, considerate, patient and, most importantly, sexier than any movie star. Six-two, tanned, and with muscles in all the right places, his gypsy-like, jet black hair which sat upon his cassocked shoulders drove all the St Mary's girls wild. Staying up late in their dormitories, they'd make up stories about Father John, imagining what it must be like to kiss him, to have him make love to them...

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