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Courtroom Vigilante – O.J. Simpson’s Civil Trial

by Pamela Kay Noble Brown

Copyright 2012 Pamela Kay Noble Brown

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The Finale That Wouldn’t End

The O.J. Simpson criminal trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman has been touted as one of the most sensational and captivating trials “of the century”. All over the world viewers watched as Judge Ito presided over the trial in an effort to maintain some sense of dignity in the proceedings. And much was made over the impact that the “Dream Team” had on the issue of whether or not justice can be purchased if you have enough clout and money.

In the end, O.J. Simpson and his lawyers prevailed. He was found not guilty and cleared of all charges of murder. He had faced his accusers and been found innocent by a jury of his peers, the system of American justice at its best. Finally he was free to return home, vindicated, to live his life in peace, right? Wrong.

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