Mr. Becket scowled at her. It wasn’t as if bribery was uncommon in the courtroom, as Haley Powers very well knew. But it was a subtle art, and Mr. Becket’s heavy handedness had just cost Crane and Hewitt’s a very profitable case, and nearly destroyed their reputation in the process.

“But-“ Mr. Becket started to protest, but Haley cut him off.

“But nothing Mr. Becket. I expect your office to be cleared out by tomorrow morning. You very nearly single handedly ruined this firm. Do you understand that? There’s no room here for that sort of incompetence, especially in someone as seasoned as you. Good day Mr. Becket,” she said.

Mr. Becket didn’t move. He stood there, staring at her, shaking with impotent fury. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he ground his teeth.

“You cannot possibly say anything else that will change my mind Mr. Becket, now leave my office. Gather up your things and go home,” Haley said. Mr. Becket’s shoulders slumped. He turned around and a few moments later, was gone from Haley’s office.

Haley sat down and began typing her fury onto the computer, fingers punching every key as if they had Mr. Becket’s smarmy face stamped upon them in place of letters. About fifteen minutes later, Georgette the plump little secretary opened the door to her office and poked her head in.

“Yes?” Haley asked without looking up.

“Sorry to bother you Ms. Powers,” Georgette said, and Haley believed her. None of the staff liked to visit her office, especially after she’d just ripped an employee, or former employee, a new asshole.

“But the senior partners would like to see you,” she went on, and then hovered about the door like a nervous bumble bee. If Haley squinted her eyes she could almost imagine the secretaries piled up hair was a honeycombed hive.

“Page them that I’m on my way up,” Haley said and Georgette vanished from her doorway with a “Yes Ms. Powers.”

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