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By Tricia Benet

Published by Tricia Benet at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Tricia Benet

I know everyone thinks I'm paranoid. They just don't know. They believe all these horrible experiences I tell them about are just in my head. Even if they are, they are enough to scare the hell out of me.

It all started two years ago. I was a young man in the prime of my life, well educated, well liked and admired by all my friends and considered quite a catch by all the available young ladies I knew.

I'm not certain just when things started to change. My life was virtually perfect. I was a professional, owned my own home on the ritzy side of town and was dating one of the kindest, most beautiful women in the world. Nothing could bring me down.

It started very slowly. At first, I found myself waking up at three o'clock every morning. I just couldn't understand why, having never experienced any sort of sleep disorder before. I had no idea what was waking me up; I remembered nothing, just a strange feeling of dread and could not understand why.

This went on for about a month. At first, I had no problems at all falling back asleep within minutes. Then, each night, it started taking a little longer.

Now I know there is no reason to even try to go back to sleep. When I wake up at three am, I sit in my chair in the dark, waiting for morning to come.

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