Robbie the Roller

An original story

By George Albert Morrow

An action-packed tale about a young roller pigeon who is placed with homing pigeons, and has an identity crisis. The fortitude he gains against these odds ends up saving a friend's life.

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Robbie The Roller

Jim Reynolds had many animals on his farm. He had sheep, cows, pigs and horses. But his favorite animals were his homing pigeons.

Jim was finishing his breakfast one morning when the telephone rang. A friend who lived down the road was calling to ask if Jim would take charge of a young pigeon whose mother and father had been killed by a prairie falcon. Jim’s friend explained that the squab was a very special bird; it was a roller. But it wasn’t just any ordinary roller—it was a direct descendant of one of the greatest birds ever to fly in the British Isles.

The squab came from the lineage of the Robison dovecote in Great Britain. Many of Robison’s birds had been sold throughout the world, but of all of them, only a few were the descendants of the magnificent bird named “Robison’s Chips.”

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