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“Ayala makes this Biblical tale come to life in a present-day, real life, oh-I-can-so-relate, way.”

Holly Michael,


“Never has a story drew me in and took me to the past, but in a present kind of way, as this one has. We get to walk, run, fear, and most importantly, love as Michal does.”

Melisa Hamling, Author


“A superb writing style, engaging characters and well worth reading!”

H. C. Elliston, Author


“It’s easy to cheer for the tenacious Michal as she fights for the man she loves.”

Chantel Rhondeau, Author


“The heroine of Michal's Window embodies the heated determination of Outlander's Claire. Coupled with the equally intense hero, David, the sparks fly.”

Taylor West, Author


“RIVETING... a heartwrenching romance deftly evoking challenges between the sexes in Bible times.”

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