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Resurrection, Inc.

Book Description

In the future, the dead walk the streets—Resurrection, Inc. found a profitable way to do it. A microprocessor brain, synthetic heart, artificial blood, and a fresh corpse can return as a Servant for anyone with the price. Trained to obey any command, Servants have no minds of their own, no memories of their past lives.


Then came Danal. He was murdered, a sacrifice from the ever-growing cult of neo-Satanists who sought heaven in the depths of hell. But as a Servant, Danal began to remember. He learned who had killed him, who he was, and what Resurrection, Inc. had in mind for the human race.

2012 edition. Author’s preferred text.


Author’s Preferred Text

Kevin J. Anderson

Smashwords Edition 2012
WordFire Press

ISBN 978-1-61475-042-0

Copyright 1988, 2012 WordFire, Inc.
Originally published by Signet Books, 1988
10th Anniversary Edition published by Overlook Connection Press 1999

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