The White Way

By Kate Everson

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

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Purity is the White Way.

It is also the highest of the seven chakras, located above your head, in the ethereal zone of pure delight.

Without purity, there can be no lasting peace inside your soul. Whatever you gain will be lost, as only a pure light can hold it.

You are that light. You can be that Light. Hold onto purity as your dearest friend. It does not come to destroy, but to heal. It will not steal your love, it will give you pure love. The highest love. It is what you really want.

How can we attain this highest form of power? Only through absolute dedication to your highest self.

Forget what you know about life. Throw it all away. Leave behind your knowledge of self. Embrace instead your real Self. Become the Way.

But what of love? What of romance?

Must we throw that all away too? No, of course not. It is given as a gift. But there is a higher gift, and that is the purity of the soul that seeks only to fulfill itself. Once that goal is realized as the one worth living for, then all love is part of it.

We can reach out to others in love, but seek first the giver of love. Find it first in yourself, in your highest Self, and then offer it to others.

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