Chapter 1

The Start of the end of the world

My name is Suzanne, friends call me sue, I lived in Sheringham, Norfolk, England and was a chef with 2 children, Darius and Kate. My life was pretty boring to be honest, working and raising my 2 kids on my own, as the father decided after 6 years he wasn’t cut out to be a father, his loss. My children were my whole world, and our whole world changed in January of 2012.

It was the coldest January on record that year, temperatures as low as –7 centigrade, and the snow!, we had to dig our way out of our house, as soon as we opened the front door the snow was piled up about 3 foot, we had to try and push the snow outward then dig our way out to the front path, and even then had to climb up on top of the snow and walk carefully into town to get supplies.

On the 12th January the flu reports started showing on the tv, they said a new flu epidemic had hit over 6 countries, including America, Spain, Mexico and the UK and that within the last 2 days over 12,000 people had contracted this flu and died within 24 hours. The world health organisation were apparently trying to organise containment, they were asking countries to close their borders to contain infected, also to prevent contaminating uninfected people and this was only a week in, people were panicking, the news was reporting thousands more deaths every hour and by the 29th of January every airport in the world was closed, wherever you were, you stayed, the death toll as such was unbelievable, the news estimated that over 30% of the worlds population had died from this flu epidemic, but that hope was still out there, they had a cure and if you had any symptoms of the flu to ring your doctor and send a healthy relative to pick up the medicine. None of my family, so far had any symptoms, but we were scared, I was an end of the world fanatic reader, I loved reading apocalyptic books, especially with zombies , and of course my imagination was going wild, I had so many sceniarios in my head I just wanted to lock me and my family away with years of supplies and just hide till 2015!, when it might be safe to go outside again!.

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