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Author’s Notes

In 2006, I attended the annual convention of Rush fans, RushCon, in Toronto, Canada. Each year the convention holds an auction of band memorabilia and other items to raise money for the Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank, and as I attended that year I wanted to do something that would hopefully raise some money for a good cause. Many attendees already knew me as a writer, so in addition to donating signed copies of some published books, I arranged to write the winning bidder into my next novel. After several false starts in writing Rock Deadly, it’s my hope the winner got his money’s worth!

So, I am especially grateful to Eddy for his bid (and Lisa, who will soon see why), and to the good folks at RushCon for bringing about the events that led me to complete this work, my first mystery novel in six years.

I am also indebted to my friend Joe for his meticulous critiques, and to my friend Bill (aka Pumpy) for providing insight from a law enforcement perspective.

Lastly, thanks to the real Lerxst, for inspiring the character who inspired me to return to my home genre.

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